Franchising opportunities

Open a Yogorino Yogurteria? The success of our business proposals represents our new and dynamic style where the customer is the leading actor in the buying process. Our success is thanks to a constantly expanding product range, with an unbeatable quality-price ratio and a very broad target: a unique model that is difficult to replicate, that stimulates, entertains and enthrals the franchisee and the customer alike.

This is the result of more than 20 years of experience in the retail sector, where you can count on the professional staff experts in logistics, administration, Research & Development, management, sales, training, architects…

A world renowned brand

In more than 20 years: hundreds of stores in the world, 14 million bowls sold every year, a constantly developing product range to satisfy a wide customer target, with an excellent and unbeatable quality-price ratio.

A unique product

A top quality, light and flavoursome product with a distinct but delicate aroma, and at the same time full of beneficial properties given by the probiotics, developed over the years to improve the flavour and characteristics of our products.

Dedicated production

Yogorino produces directly and exclusively for its franchisees all those components required for brand food products. This guarantees the exclusive nature of the stores to further confirm the quality and uniqueness of our offer.

Business career

The chance of growing as a successful entrepreneur by managing a number of stores, backed up by multi-store management training.

High profits

Yogorino offers the entrepreneur a highly profitable business, with pinpointed management tools to ensure you achieve your goals.

Yogorino brings you closer to your customers

Yogorino helps you choose the most suitable location for your type of business. We study the local market to ensure that there is no competition present and to help you rapidly increase your sales.

A constant and professional relationship

Yogorino provides you with all the assistance you need in furnishing and starting your stores, with a qualified professional team who guide you through all the phases prior to opening.

Yogorino offers you a wide range to choose from

We offer you the exclusive management of one or more business lines. We help you choose the best opportunity for your investment potential, needs and location.

A cool and captivating style

We assistant you in all the design phases for your store with our team of architects, so your store is best suited to your requirements (shop, kiosk, corner, self-service, etc.) totally furnished with the unique cool and captivating clearly Made in Italy style.

Attentive and constant marketing assistance

Yogorino offers its franchisees the graphics they need to enhance their stores: photographic material, gadgets, posters and much more. A qualified professional staff studies the web and social marketing strategies, and recommends promotional campaigns to boost all our branches.

Technical training

Our experts will assist you both before and after opening: to help you learn about our products and their characteristics, the working methods, sales, customer management, the equipment and business management. We provide you with all our know-how and constantly update you with our news.

  • Enthusiasm, passion for our products and brand;
  • Desire for personal and business success;
  • Passion for working with the public;
  • Ability for team work;
  • Organisational skills;
  • Location between 20 to 150 square meters;
  • Location in a primary position: historic centres, seaside resorts, tourist resorts, large stations, shopping malls.

Invest in your skills

Yogorino enables you to achieve your dream of business success.

To do this Yogorino offers you all the tools you need to furnish and manage your store, or to coordinate a number of stores in the area as a Master franchisee. You can count on all our experience, skill and know-how that you need to manage your business.

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